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16 July 2013 @ 12:35 pm
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09 July 2013 @ 10:15 am
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02 July 2013 @ 04:03 pm
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15 June 2013 @ 02:37 pm

I Feel You by thusspakekate [Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Word Count: 24k
Summary: Harry and Draco take a potion that is supposed to link their hearts together, but end up connecting a different type of organ entirely.
Harry and Draco being teenage boys, super hot make-out scenes and very well done development of their feelings... what more can I ask for? This story had me glued to the screen and I loved every second of it. :)


Sticky Fingers by dustmouth [Harry/Draco, PG]
Summary: 8th year is going just fine until Malfoy starts practising his sticking charms.
AMAZING artwork and wonderful, heartwarming story. I don't think I've ever seen art that has such a slow build-up of their attraction and feelings. It's so beautiful, take your time to scroll through the story and take it all in. ♥
12 June 2013 @ 12:40 am
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03 June 2013 @ 09:03 pm
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31 May 2013 @ 02:02 pm
Tributes by [personal profile] TheAvalonian [Arthur/Merlin, R]
Word Count: 87,000
Summary: It is the 57th annual Hunger Games, and Merlin Emrys stands at the Reaping ceremony with Guinevere Smith at his side, unable to hear the roar of the crowd over the ringing in his own ears. Because Merlin is about to face his best friend and twenty-two strangers in a fight to the death, where there can only be one victor.
Merlin/Arthur AU, set in the Hunger Games universe.

Merlin and Gwen are the tributes for district 11. They travel to the Capitol where Merlin meets Arthur - the male career tribute for district 1. And the arena? Is a giant castle. ;)

This is a great fusion, I really loved it. The secondary Merlin characters/tributes fit perfectly into this universe; Gwen, Morgana, Mordred... it's all done incredibly well. The author addresses things that I always felt missing in the original books: how a career tribute isn't born a killing machine, but made into one, and what a life this must have been for him/her; how the 'good' people of the story not only kill for noble reasons, but sometimes just because they're selfish - to stay alive.

I stayed up until 3am to finish reading. There is death of course (it's the Hunger Games after all - these children are killing each other), but note that it isn't tagged "Major Character Death".

The One Where Arthur Sells Tongue Cuz Being Rich is Hard Life by [personal profile] derryere [Arthur/Merlin, R]
Word Count: 5,000
Summary: Arthur sells make-out lessons at a boarding school.
And something not quite so heavy to read... just what the summary promises. :D This fic is older, but no less hot because of it. Yummy.
24 March 2013 @ 02:28 pm
♠ I renewed my old userhead (), thanks for voting in the poll to help me decide. No pipes. ;)

♠ I ended up buying that old slash story I talked about, the one that got me into fandom as a two-volume edition after all. Super expensive, yet I regret nothing. I got the package yesterday and just. couldn't. stop. reading. XD No matter how cliche the story is in some ways, I was reminded of why I had loved it so much in the first place and the warm and fuzzy feeling was back. Good times. :)

THIS is a f*cking amazing Derek/Stiles comic by [personal profile] slashpalooza and you should all go and look at it! [NSFW] She has two more here and here, and generally her work is awesome!

♠ A H/D rec

Draco Falling by nattish [Harry/Draco, Neville/Draco; R to NC-17]
Word Count: 5,800
Summary: An eighth-year romance, where Draco falls. He falls from roof tops. He falls from grace. He falls for Gryffindors.
This goes wonderfully with a morning coffee. ♥ It's sweet without being fluffy and just a joy to read. There's something that feels very right and canon about all the characters; Ron and Neville (!) are so well done. (This Neville is just a bit swoon worthy, Draco's infatuation is totally justified) ;)

23 March 2013 @ 01:15 pm
I've been reading quite a bit Teen Wolf fic lately and I have to say, this fandom really goes overboard with the warnings. I mean, I saw a warning for "eating disorder" when Lydia is on a diet for her approaching wedding.
The tags on AO3 are full of depressing stuff, and then it just continues in the notes and I feel like "Oh, do I really want to read this?" and mostly it's only mentioned in passing somewhere. But when an author actually does not explicitly state every tiny little thing that's going to happen in the story, you can bet that someone will comment with "XY needs a trigger warning".

It would be nice if those authors trusted my/the reader's common sense a little. And if they left some surprises instead of spoiling every plot point right away.

Also another pet peeve: I find it annoying to read "find me here on tumblr" under 50% of the Teen Wolf fics. Is that just me being a dick because tumblr is just not the right place for me? Probably. I still don't like it.
15 March 2013 @ 08:49 pm
LJ tells me my userheads expire next week. I really liked my "redhead" one and I'm thinking about renewing it. But then I saw another one and I like that too. It's even more "pirate-y" than the other but otherwise pretty similar. Only there's smoking... XD What do you think?

The new userheads:

10 March 2013 @ 03:20 pm
♣ When I fist started to get into fandom and slash, there was this German original slash story that I followed religiously for about 1½ years. There were weekly updates (every Thursday evening) and I was sitting in front of the computer, waiting for the next chapter to be posted, pressing F5 until -finally- there it was. I remember a time when I didn't have internet so I walked to an internet cafe on Thursdays, just to sit there and read the new chapter.
Needless to say - I have a lot of nostalgic feelings regarding this story.

Now it's not online anymore (although of course I have saved it to my hard drive), and it's published as a two volume hardcover in a limited edition. The price is pretty high with 35 Euro -shipping not included- so I'm hesitating. On one hand -as I said- I feel like this story was my gateway into fandom and therefore I want it sitting on my shelf pretty bad; on the other hand, I re-read it once already and my taste has changed a bit over the years... the characterisations are quite too "manga-like" for me now, with the 'little cute boy' & the 'popular jock' , up to a point where at chapter thirty-something I'm feeling like "OMG, please think outside of neat boxes and mix it up a little!!!".
But if I don't buy it now, I'm not sure how long it will be available, because: limited edition. Hard decision.

♣ On a totally unrelated note: I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW SEASON OF GAME OF THRONES!!! It's all I look at at tumblr nowadays (not that I spend a lot of time there) and yes, yes, yes!!! Sooo looking forward to it. :D
22 February 2013 @ 08:06 pm
If you rec a story, do you leave a link to it in a comment to the fic? If you already left a comment, do you go back and edit it to add the link to your post?

As an author, I think I'd like to know, but as a reader it feels kinda like "Oh look I recced it, I deserve a cookie now", which makes me feels weird.
22 February 2013 @ 06:16 pm

The Ugly Duckling by icmezzo @ do_me_veela [Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Word Count: ~16.5k
Summary: Draco is all atwitter when he wakes up on his birthday with a few unexpected feathers. Suspecting foul play, he enlists Harry to help him get rid of his unfortunate birden—er, burden.
I love, love, love fics with a slightly crazy Draco and this author does his voice so well. I was howling with laughter when Draco discovered his first feathers. The whole thing is hilarious and funny and charming and wonderful. Awesome story.

A Princely Scent by birdsofshore @ [Harry/Draco, NC-17]
Word Count: ~5000
Kink Showcased: armpits
Summary: An underarm is so delightfully clandestine, a truly secret little area of the body, almost shockingly sexual when finally revealed.
This is amazingly hot. I don't necessarily have a thing for armpits but I definitely have a thing for reading how desperate Draco is for Harry's armpits. Beautiful language. Oh, and did I mention, hot like burning?!


Because Potter Is Allergic to Poppies read by sisi_rambles [Harry/Draco, R]
Length: 04:11:22
Summary: Auror Harry Potter is in hospital being treated for a curse when someone tries to kill him. Obviously it is up to bored, trapped Apprentice Healer Draco, who was only admitted to the Healer Program in the first place to do the menial work, to find out who did it. Because then they will promote him. No, it’s for no other reason, thanks.
I've read and recced this fic before, and now it totally made my day to listen to it for hours while doing boring housework. Great stuff.
08 February 2013 @ 09:42 am
In Germany we celebrate carneval next week (I'm not sure if other countries do too); children dress up as pirates, princesses etc.

This morning at the bus stop: one ~12 year old girl (dressed as a mermaid) to another (with mini skirt and heavy make-up), "What are you?" -- "I'm a bitch."


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04 February 2013 @ 09:42 am
For everyone who wondered what the hell had happened to my formerly regularly updated bookmarks: I just deleted 40+ private, untagged bookmarks from my pinboard account. \o/
I'm such a weirdo, but I need this place to be organised. And when I started to just dump bookmarks there without tagging them properly, it became worse and worse and now there's a fresh start. :)

It's a bit like my real life "important-documents-that-that need-to-be-sorted-into-respective-folders" pile. The higher it gets the more unlikely it is that I'll ever actually do it. Only that I have no choice there, because there are bills in there as well. ;)

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02 February 2013 @ 10:53 pm
I know probably all of you are already watching reallycorking/corkart, but if not you need to head over there right now and look at this perfect Merlin!sleeping!beauty!art !!! (uh, that were a lot of exclamation marks; but totally justified :D)
01 February 2013 @ 08:11 pm
First day of hp_kinkfest and a rec already. \o/

Teach Me by geneva2010 [Teddy/James, NC-17]
Word Count: 4,500
Summary: Teddy's tested and James is a total tempting tease.
Kink Showcased Nipple Play
James and Teddy are roommates, and healer!Teddy has to help James out with a little problem regarding a nipple injury. Which obviously leads to a lot of fantasising, UST and threadbare t-shirts.

I'm not even into nipple play all that much, but this was just gloriously hot and sweet at the same time. I loved their characterisations. :)
31 January 2013 @ 02:20 pm
Is it just me or does Chris Colfer give a distinct "Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing" vibe in his latest photo shoot?

Well, I most certainly approve. :D

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30 January 2013 @ 04:34 pm
Does anyone know a Teen Wolf community where we can search for deleted fic/dead links? I used to be all SAVE ALL THE FICS ON MY HARDDRIVE, but I've only ever really done it for HP fandom. And now I wanted to re-read a great TW hooker!AU fic and voila... not online anymore. *epic sadface*

And lesson learned.
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25 January 2013 @ 05:01 pm
I got a card from [community profile] trope-bingo and I quite like it! I marked the line I would most likely do. (Though "mistletoe" is not really for this time of year anymore, it's a universal trope, y/y?).

I've been thinking a lot about James/Scorpius lately and I just want to drabble a little in (hopefully short and easy to finish) nextgen goodness.

poker/strip poker au: coffee shop au: historical curtainfic secret child
au: other au: steampunk game night handcuffed / bound together au: apocalypse
slavefic immortality / reincarnation FREE

au: circus sharing a bed
huddle for warmth secret relationship fuck or die fake relationship mistletoe kiss
au: college / highschool animal transformation au: neighbors accidental marriage in vino veritas / drunkfic