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20 August 2013 @ 12:04 pm
Teen Wolf, S03E12  

⋄ I am SO glad it was Peter was scheming behind the scenes all the time. It made no sense for him to sit by and do nothing. And I'm glad we have him back as The Villain next season. Oh and I totally want some Lydia vs Peter then! :D

⋄ "Your friends?"
"MY PACK!!!!!" *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* ♥ Alpha!Scott ♥

⋄ I have feelings about the final fight in the distillery. I mean. I really didn't make any sense. AT ALL. Why would Jennifer need three guardians or Derek! What?! Why? And why was she waiting for the lunar eclipse when she then said "after I kill the parents I will be so powerful, I won't need a lunar eclipse"? And what exactly was Derek supposed to help her with? He was super unhelpful. And why didn't she just kill the parents already, when it was all she needed to be invincible? Why did the moon even have to be part of their plan? And why did Deucalion and Jennifer insist on Scott's and Derek's help respectively when they were basically just standing by watching the "Who Is More Powerful?" of the two villains? Urgh.

⋄ I am so, so disappointed in what Cora has been this season. Which is... nothing. I mean, the actress was amazing, what we've seen of the character was great, I loved how she was so very much a Hale, her scenes with Stiles were wonderful. But now? The character won't be in season 3B and we had twelve episodes and didn't get ANY information about her. Like... I'm actually a bit angry that it was done this way. I kept hoping and hoping every episode that someone would ask like... "where have you been? how did you survive? how did you get into the vault? why didn't you search for your siblings? why didn't you know they were alive?". We're living in the era of the internet, there were articles about the fire and the survivors ON THE NET! COME ON, CORA, USE GOOGLE, OF COURSE THEY WERE ALIVE!!! No one seemed to care for Cora's back-story, but everyone just cared about her so much and I just wanted to know WHY, because I want to be part of that I-care-about-Cora-group!

⋄ I thought it was a nice nod to Sterek fans, that Stiles did the voiceover when Derek was leaving. Is he coming back? Some part of me hopes so...

⋄ I'm super curious about Papa McCall's role in the next part of the season. I guess they will have to fight of the supernatural and keep him from finding out at the same time.

⋄ CAN WE GET SCOTT/ALLISON AGAIN? PRETTY PLEASE? Because it feels like forever since they were so happily in love and I really kind of miss it.

⋄ Not amused about Lydia and Danny just going back to the Evil Twins. They killed Boyd, ok? Remember? Also, at the start of the episode the straight one (Aiden?) wanted to kill Derek. For what reason exactly? Because I don't know. It's also not cool to have Scott's voiceover talking about 'his friends' and then they zoom to the two of them. Really not cool.

⋄ THE NEW ARGENT CODE!!!! Man I love them. I want them to be all badass hunters, using ALL the stuff from their weapons stash.
Stacey: allison and scott snugglegeekslave on August 20th, 2013 01:56 pm (UTC)
Was disappointed in a lot of the finale. Like you said the whole thing with Jennifer vs. Decaulion didn't really make any sense. Don't know why Derek and Scott were needed.

Thought it was kind of lame that they just let Decaulion go or that Decaulion was so intimidated by Scott and Derek's threat that he scampered away with his tail between his legs. I know that Decaulion started to go off the rails once he lost his sight, but I doubt all of his sanity just returned to him when he got back his sight. And why would Decaulion leave? Getting the true Alpha in his pack was supposedly so important but once Scott becomes it, he just leaves?

Happy that Scott earned his Alpha status.

Agree about what a huge waste that Cora was. Part of me wants to give the writers some kind of leeway because of Adelaide Kane leaving for that CW show. But I have no idea when they found that out. Either they knew sometime toward the middle or end of the season, and still should have found a way to use her effectively, or found out after the season wrapped and had plans for her in season 3B, that they couldn't do anymore. But they still should answered so many important questions about her since so much of this last part of the finale hinged on caring about Cora's well-being, which I didn't because of the lack of character development.

I'm definitely pissed that Ethan and Aiden are just forgiven like that. Especially Aiden. Ethan has shown signs of being human, but Aiden's been pretty one note this whole season and now we're supposed to root for him and Lydia. At least Danny has the excuse that he doesn't know the crap that Ethan's pulled. I like to think that when Scott was talking about his friends, he was referring to Lydia and Danny.

Don't want to take anything away from Sterek fans, but I'm fairly certain Scott did that entire end voiceover, because it was supposed to be him doing a kind of recap for Deaton.

Hollyhollys_tree on August 20th, 2013 03:41 pm (UTC)
I kind of explained it to myself that Deucalion was a bit overwhelmed by the fact that he had his eyesight back, his pack had fallen to pieces, he managed to "kill" the Darach (of course on this show killing doesn't equal killing, because there's ALWAYS a loop hole) and he just witnessed Scott becoming a True Alpha and breaking the Mountain Ash line (something that should be impossible). I think poor Deucalion just needs to regroup. ;)
[but yeah, I'm a bit annoyed that villains are never really killed off, their bodies vanish etc.... just for TPTB to be able to bring everyone back; Kate Argent in the promo anyone? I loved her character in the first season, but if she comes back outside of a dream, it's gonna be ridiculous]

I think Jeff Davis really had bad luck with several actors/actresses of key characters leaving the show. Erica, Boyd, Jackson and now Cora, all had to be written out somehow and I think the story as a whole suffered from it.
On one hand I admire Jeff's ability to set up arcs WAY before they actually become obvious. (I think there was so much about Jackson's plot that was set up and never got to be explored: the way he dreamed about the Hale fire, his "merman moment", the dreams about Wolfsbane in his neck -the place where you temper with memories!!!- . . . I'm still convinced he was a born werewolf, probably even a Hale. But I digress) Jackson's story line still felt kind of finished at the end of season two.
Cora was just shoved into the story and while I appreciate she wasn't introduced with an info-dump, she didn't have ONE SINGLE meaningful conversation about who she is, what she wants and what she's feeling. Over the span of ten episodes! Oh my, all the Hale family possibilities washed down the drain. Even if it was the plan to do that in 3B, it would have been to late.
I'm rambling again. But I just have a lot of feelings. :/

I listened to the voiceover again, and you're right: it's Scott. He does sound a bit like Stiles, but it does make a lot more sense that it's Scott. :)
Stacey: scott and stiles up closegeekslave on August 21st, 2013 04:43 am (UTC)
I doubt Kate's coming back. I think she's about as dead as anyone can be on this show. I think she'll either be a one or appear to Allison like her mom did. Probably a representation of Allison's dark side.

I understand the impulse to rant when it comes to Cora. Like you said even if the plan was to go into detail in 3B that's still poor planning to never discuss anything important when it came to Cora in 3A.